Friday, May 11, 2012

Zhengzhou Day 4: Swimming, Temple Tour, Lobby cruising, and Dinner Party!!

Today is another day to savor just getting know each other…other than missing my boys back at home so much…I am really thankful for this “down time” – pure free time to just love on these kids. Other than hand washing our clothes (and attempting to dry – you should see our laundry adorned room right now!) – we really have enjoyed this time. I am starting to get antsy…but so thankful to God that we have this time carved out to bond with Brooke and help Erica with this transition to big sister.

Today Yo-yo stopped by for us to confirm all our final documents so then we were off to the pool to swim with some other adoptive families we have met in the adjacent hotel. The kids all had so much fun. It is always amazing to hear everyone’s story and the ministry they have in their sphere of influence. All God’s children – these now with a forever family! We hope to connect again with the two families who live in Indianapolis (one lives just 6 blocks from my mom and dad).

Ready for the day!! Happy girl :)

Erica has started playing a fun game with Brooke- she will hide behind one of these columns and Brooke will RUN around to find her!

Here Brooke comes..

Pure JOY!
These families (traveling as a group with Bethany) invited us to join them to tour the Temple famous to the city. A Temple is a temple as we have seen several now and they all share one common theme…a lost people seeking an ‘awakening’ (Larry rambling now) and the empty hope of a lost country. Most all our drivers have a statue on their dash to enlighten them to their “awakening” and serves as a reminder to us that people are looking for eternal perspective in life, but they have not had the message of eternal hope in Christ. Nonetheless, the architecture and mystery of the temple are certainly interesting.

Hotel fun facts :)

Brooke looks less than thrilled to be visiting the temple...

And of course....

Ribbons hanging from the trees surrounding the temple

My biggest baby girl!

Brooke has become totally attached to her ‘baba’…a daddy’s girl. If anyone but Larry attempts to push the stroller Brooke quickly expresses her displeasure and will attempt to keep him in sight at all times…really cute!

More tomorrow!!! Thank you for your prayers!!

Sisters watching the waterfall :)

Snuggled at time!

Too sweet!

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