Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zhengzhou Day 3- Swimming, Pizza Hut, and the Wiggles

Today is a day to “just bond”…all the official business is done…we just have to bide our time here until Brooke’s passport is completed and delivered back to us. We slept in a bit and then after breakfast we headed to the pool at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza next door. They have an amazing huge lap pool but also a huge hut tub that for some reason that we have yet to determine has just a few inches of water that is warm…perfect for toddlers (and mom who will not tolerate being cold).   

Brooke is coming out of her shell and really starting to play with us and have fun. Although initially timid with the water, she was totally playing and splashing within the first hour of being there. Erica was a huge help – we have said over and over how thankful we are that we brought her…Brooke really likes her! Erica is really enjoying playing with Brooke as well, and told Mei (Meredith) over skype yesterday that "Brooke always wants to hold my hand now!!". She is LOVING her role as big sister and I am so proud of how she has done during this time of adjustment. 

The girls had so much fun in the little "kiddie" swimming pool today

Cartwheels. Always. Everywhere. Oh my. 

Brooke shushing Erica. TOO funny. 

Having so much fun! 

Erica just loves her to death!

Singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" with a partner like they do in preschool at New Day! 

Sisters and best friends!

I just love this one

As Erica would say..."We are COORDINATING our clothes" :)

Erica is the best big sister. 

After working up an appetite swimming for a couple hours, we walked to Pizza Hut for lunch…craving just a little bit of “home” cuisine! It was really good and Daddy (Baba) poured on his charm with Brooke and managed to win her heart…I’m not surprised! She is now officially a Daddy’s girl!!!! So fun to see her tease back and forth with her Baba (Daddy).

Larry has also been instrumental in taking Erica out for exploration dates (complete with ice cream!) while I put Brooke down for her naps or for bedtime. They too have really bonded….it was so fun to hear about what all they found and experienced while together! Trust me – there is a Larry story just waiting to be told! I laughed so hard when he told me what happened with Erica!!!

Our evening ended with a hotel dinner…I have been so impressed with our hotel staff. They smile and just love on us no matter how much sticky rice is all over the floor. We capped the night off with a new video called “The Wiggles”. Erica and Brooke were so cute snuggled in their jammies watching it before bedtime!

Sharing a snack with Mom in the hotel room!
She loves her Baba! Outside in Zhengzhou

Brooke and her Baba
Brooke wearing Baba's hat at dinner...and playing with a knife? Oh my. 

Quite the Baba's girl

Love this- and Brooke LOVES having bows in her hair! Too much fun. 

Two princesses snuggled at bedtime. 

Please continue to pray for Meredith and Allison for finals…and for Cole and Victor with their Grandma and Grandpa Toering who have been taking such good care of them for us and also for our final week before coming home. We thank God for you lifting us up in pray --- that our presence here would indeed be a testimony to these people and that daughters are created equal in God’s eyes. God has been so good to us! We are blessed! 


  1. How I love to read your posts! I love the pictures! Erika and Brooke are just precious together. I love how Erika holds her hand! Brooke looks like she is doing wonderful! Will continue to pray for your final week and your other kiddos at home and school!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful updates, especially the pictures of your adorable new girl. Loving Brooke already -- what a precious girl! And Erica looks like she is eating up the role of Big Sis.
    I laughed out loud when I read the part about a "Larry story" just waiting to be told! Sounds just like him!

  3. Seeing these pictures make my heart so happy :) It was so great to meet you all at New Day... I've been praying for you and for Brooke's transition. She looks like she's doing great. Good work, Erica :)