Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Again!!!!

Home again…home again…there’s no place like home!

So many have contacted us and want us to further update the blog…we have been blessed with everyone’s kindness to journey with us.  It is this unity of believers and sharing one another’s burden that make this journey such a testimony to the Lord’s sovereignty and power to work through us.  We have had all our prayers answered beyond what we could have imagined and feel that God has truly blessed us!  Please know that this blog is Brooke’s “Ebenezer stone” memory book…a testimony of how God sovereignly helped…to knit Brooke together into the womb of our family.  We pray that our journey in faith would increase your faith and further the cause of orphan care both near and far in the world as the Lord leads you as He did us.

So…for those who are still interested in following the details…

Our travel home was nothing short of amazing…with our Consulate appointment moved up a day (thank you, Lord), train tickets purchased from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and a contingency plan A, B, and C to fly home we started our trek home.  Our wonderful guide, Judy, faithfully gathered Brooke’s passport with her visa toAmerica from the American Consulate and whisked us to the train station.  With luggage loaded…quite a feat when Brooke would only allow “Baba” to touch her stroller or hold her…we so enjoyed the 2 hour train ride to see the amazing development and the high rise apartments everywhere and then beautiful countryside before coming into Hong Kong.  We easily get through their customs and then find transportation to our hotel at the airport.

Erica with our wonderful guide Judy!

Mom and Brooke- last day leaving Guangzhou!

Training to Hong Kong! 
Without a crib in this room, Brooke shared a bed with Larry and me.  She kicked and squirmed all night long and literally tried to kicked me out of bed when she noticed me and pulled away my covers and throughout the night felt and patted Baba’s neck and head reassuring herself that all is still well with her world even in the dark of the night.  Needless to say it was a LONG night but one that we certainly understood as Brooke tried to sort out this nomadic lifestyle upon which we were embarking.  If only we all kept such a grip on our Heavenly Father for our security here on Earth.     

We headed to the airport very early…decided that Tokyo was our best chance to get stateside and headed out with out a hitch making all our flights.  Brooke slept almost the entire flight from Tokyo to Chicago…except I was so worried that she would roll off the seat that I got no rest making sure she didn’t fall.  It could not have gone any better!  The Chicago Immigration officers welcomed the newest resident of the United States!!!!  What a privilege for which we are so thankful!

Ready to board the flight!!

Brooke with the Ipad- lifesaver!!

We are IN Chicago with a tired little cookie!!! :)
We landed in Tulsa and were greeted by our wonderful family and friends.  Brooke was a bit overwhelmed and went into her shy zone but understood with all the attention!  We headed home for a good night’s sleep and thankful that the journey home went so well.  Thank you all for your prayers.

In Tulsa!!!

Welcome to your new home, baby girl!

Baba showing Brooke her new bedroom (as soon as she is big enough to move out of the crib, that is!) :)

Good morning!! First morning in her bed at home!! 

1st breakfast at home! Erica was loving showing little sister everything about home sweet home!
The last 3 days we have just been getting over jet lag and catching up on things.  Brooke has now bonded with me and sleeps very well in her crib in our room and is just not too sure about Bella and Ritz, our two labs.  The overflowing of love and prayer has carried us to this point and we are so grateful. Allison was home and had the house cleaned, ready and waiting for us which was a HUGE blessing!!! Meredith had to finish up all of her finals and the rest of her RA duties at college, so she missed our official arrival- but she was so bound and determined to not miss a single DAY with Brooke at home, she drove ALL NIGHT LONG home from Birmingham, Alabama!! Thats 11 hours!! She pulled in around 10 AM on Saturday morning after leaving at midnight the night before, with open arms to hug on her baby sister again! 

We had an 8th grade graduation celebration for Cole, and Brooke loved watching "GE GE!!!" (big brother in Chinese) walk across the stage. She has fondly taken to calling Cole "Coley-cuckoo!", or for short, merely "Cuck-oo!". Too precious...hope Cole appreciates it! Ha! 

Erica is reveling in her new role as big sister :)

She's teaching Brooke some piano skills! 

Can't get enough of their little matching outfits!!

Brooke loves her ge ge, Victor!

Getting sno-cones! We THOUGHT we had all 6 kids...then realized that Mom was one of them! We were missing Cole! It's hard rounding up all 6 for a picture! 

Finally- all 6! Not a good shot...but at least all the munchkins are accounted for! 

Sunday morning- Erica just couldn't WAIT for Brooke to wake up!!

The girls in their precious matching dresses!

Congrats to the 8th grade graduate!! Brooke liked his hat :)

Part of the fam at Cole's graduation- Victor and Allison had another commitment, so they snuck out early

Brooke was a HUGE fan of the cake :)
Our next journey is to heal her heart!!  Brooke is doing really well right now with her blood oxygen levels and we pray that she stays healthy before her next surgery (she also has no spleen – so infection is of some concern for her).  Stay tuned to this blog as we start down this adventure.  She will meet with the pediatric cardiologist soon and plans should be made to start the healing of her heart! We can't wait to see how God will work!

For now, she has a forever family who loves her and will get the care she needs to live the life God has planned for her.  We are so blessed by her presence in our family and love her more and more each day!! Enjoy the pictures and stop back often- we'll be updating fairly regularly, especially once her heart surgery is planned!  

FOUR beautiful sisters

Precious Erica

Best friends

Mei with the littles :)

Alla with her sisters- and the photographer for most of these impromptu photo shoots in the front yard :)

Forever sisters- what a special history these two have. 

Brooke got to tag along to Erica's gymnastics class- we even found an old leotard for her to wear! She loved watching Erica do all sorts of flips and jumps!

Wagon ride with Alla and Erica down the driveway!


Brushing her teeth...her favorite hobby :)


  1. sitting here reading it with tears in my eyes, cant wait to get our little sister home too