Monday, May 7, 2012

"Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You!!"

Sorry- we got behind on posting- this Friday's post!

Today will be heavy on the pictures...light on the words- but we know the pictures are what everyone really wants to see anyways :)

We started our morning with another brisk walk into the village for some more of the delicious flatbread. We are so thankful for Meredith's knowledge and love of this place- she is able to order us food from her favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants and show us where the best fruit stands are located. The food has been DELICIOUS!! Meredith's favorite is a dish made with green peppers, potatoes, and eggplant, called di san qian (I think thats how you spell it). Now, I would have never gone for the eggplant over in the States...but here, it is so good! China also has a plethora of ice cream, and for very, (VERY), inexpensive prices...think 20 cents for an ice cream bar. Yum. :) Needless to say, we get about five  one ice cream a day.

Prayer meeting was to follow- such a precious time. The children at New Day are beautiful and it is SO evident how powerful prayer is in this setting. This morning, we were able to take Brooke away from the foster home for the morning- take her for a walk with the family, go up to our room to play together, and eat lunch as a family. This is all to help her further get to know us. She was not happy about leaving the foster home with just Mom at first....but soon after putting her in the stroller, she began to calm down.

Prayer meeting

Getting her stroller ready for the walk!

Sad baby girl!! 

Erica is loving the role of big sister!

My biggest and my littlest! 

Part of the family on the walk! 
After the walk, we went up to the room where she had a BLAST playing with some fun stacking cups, dress-up dolls, and watching videos of herself from the day before. She would just CRACK up!! Meredith has been speaking to her in Chinese and Brooke really understands her well! Brooke is speaking so well- I wish we could keep her Mandarin somehow! She has the cutest little raspy type voice :) She also went through all the pictures from the day before and would identify everyone- mama, baba, jie jie, and ge ge! She is so smart! We blew some bubbles...fed her lunch (which was of course a HUGE hit), and even got her to go potty on the toilet for me!! Such a good girl!! We love her so so much!

4 precious sisters!

My two China babies playing together

Allison loves her little sister! 
Learning to blow bubbles!

Those CHEEKS, oh my word! 
Chowing down! 
We took her back to her nanny for nap, and then joined her for preschool again after naptime was over. Brooke loves preschool and is doing so well...she is such a smart little cookie!!

Dancing/Singing time during preschool!

Erica and Brooke stringing beads!
Tomorrow we are going to the Great Wall- Meredith has told us so much about it- apparently the section we are going to has a toboggan slide all the way down the mountain....HOW FUN!!! We can't wait- it is sure to be just absolutely beautiful!!

Keep praying for Brooke's heart to be adjusting to our family- she is so very loved here at New Day, and she loves her nannies so much. It's so hard for so young of a child to understand what she will be going through- pray that the Lord gives her a peace and comfort during any type of fear she might have. We love her so much already, and can't wait for you all the see our beautiful daughter!

And now...for some pictures :)

Brooke with her nanny and her roommates- Roy and Rachel! She calls them her little sister and little brother! 

Erica and her new best friend! 

Sweet girl!
Inspirational bathroom chats. ;)

Look at that belly! How precious is this?! 


  1. VERY PRECIOUS! I love all these wonderful pictures and THANK YOU for allowing us a glimpse into a forever family growing in such beauty! SO sweet...ALL of these can just see the JOY in all of your faces. And the love you all have for Brooke is so evident! Praise the Lord!

  2. Oh my. I am speechless. Your family is beautiful and Brooke is of course as cute as ever! Erica is obviously going to be a wonderful big sister!!! Now I am wondering if we should just take you with us Meredith when we go and pick up the girls as our tour guide, translator, meal planner, and New Day relations coordinator! Bless your family and your lovely new addition as she learns how wonderful her new life is going to be.

    Jolie Harris