Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Goodbyes

Dear Brooke Cai Wei,

One year ago, I picked you up one last time and held you so very close.
I kissed your cheeks, whispered love in your ears, and unwillingly set you down again.

One year ago, I walked out of your room, my eyes brimming with desperate tears.
Tears full of final goodbyes, threatening to fall, lacking hope of ever seeing you, my precious one, again.

One year ago, I turned and caught one last glimpse of you, sitting on the floor, so quiet and reserved.
You broke my heart for what breaks His, and taught me to love in a way I never had before.

One year ago, I thanked God for the impact you had in my life for that season...and prayed that I would never, ever forget. 
I worried and wondered about your future, and hoped desperately for a miracle for your little heart.

One year ago, I said goodbye with a heart so very heavy.
I left China changed immensely for the better, much because of you, just one sweet little girl.

Summer 2011. Qingyundian Township, China

Today, I picked you up and squeezed you oh so tight.
Again, I kissed your cheeks and smoothed your hair, whispering “I love you” in your ear.

Today, I drove away from home, Alabama bound. The time for senior year to start was finally here.
My eyes were again filled with tears, at the thought of leaving you behind.

But today?

Today, I turn for one last glimpse, and see your joyful wave and squeal of “bye-bye, see you soon!!!”,
Securely held in the arms of your forever mama.

Today, I thank God for the miracle of you, this perfect, beautiful girl, becoming my little sister.
Your brand new “brave scar” down the middle of your chest as evidence of the incredible plans He has for your future.

Today, though goodbye stings, my heart is filled to the brim with hope and JOY.
Families are forever. And today? You are a cherished little sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece. Absolutely treasured by all you meet, the miracle book-end to our family.
Our story together is only beginning....I can hardly wait for what's to come. 

Summer 2012. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Two goodbyes. So vastly different, yet so strikingly the same.
The passing of one year, and the miracles within. The fingerprints of God covering each and every inch.
Thank you for teaching me, Brooke Cai Wei, what it means to love boldly, dangerously, fully...
For bringing your uncontainable joy into my life and the life of every single person you meet.
I cannot WAIT to see you again...hurry up and come visit Birmingham already. :)

I love you to the moon and a dance around the stars,
Your biggest jie jie, Mei.