Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TB check, Swimming, and the Playground

Yesterday all that needed to be done was head back to confirm the TB test results…it was all clear except for just a small we quickly headed back to the hotel to swim and explore and enjoy the playground!

Brooke’s personality is really starting to shine…she is still a Daddy’s girl and loves to be with him. I really am thankful for this time for her to bond with her ‘’Ba-Ba”…it really is sweet to watch her total dependence on him for her security…only he can push the stroller and hold her and even give her any food. She can get quite possessive…she is even jealous of Erica at times if he gives her any attention! Really fascinating to watch!

Pool up on top of the hotel!

Erica and Brooke on the playground

Brooke and Baba!!

Sweet Erica!
We are very much into typical “2 year old” fun stuff…amazing how quickly it all floods back into my memory. The important things in Brooke’s day are: shoes…on and off, brushing teeth…back and forth, hotel room key…in and out, elevator buttons…up and down…going potty (“1, 2, 3, Potty!”)….pulling the toilet paper…more and more…washing hands…over and over…..going potty…again and again! (And have I mentioned the squatie potties here? – hard enough alone…let alone with a two year old and a six yr old in the stall as is quite a feat in and of itself!). And of coarse, the stairs!…up and down…and last but not least, ring around the rosie…round and round. Oh the joy of it all and we are enjoying it all….over and over! : )

Wanted to post some pictures of some sweet friends that we ran into while in Guangzhou! They are adopting two beautiful girls with heart defects as well, and have just been a joy to get to know as we have walked through this adoption process on similar timelines...and now get to meet up in China! God is good! It was definitely comical getting all 4 of our girls to look at the same camera, but they are all so precious!!! 

All four! Lily, Mackenzie, Brooke, and Erica!

Beautiful girls!!

Erica loved sweet Lily!

Lily, Brooke and Erica!

Emily with her daughter Mackenzie, Erica and Brooke!
Today we had a great time exploring the market…fascinating!!!! We went with a delightful family…in addition to their new 2 year old, they also have a 5 year old, Ella. She and Erica are now friends…so special to see these two, who are from the same province, bond and experience the country of their birth together. Special memories being made!

A precious class of kindergartners we ran into outside! 

Oh my!!!


The outdoor market

Looking at some puppies!

So busy!

Erica and her sweet friend!

Erica and I had a very poignant discussion today about what “abandoned” means…you think they understand a word until you hear them ask quietly, “was I abandoned?” She really thought it had more to do with being “found” than actually being “left”….or “placed”, the word I prefer to use. We talked how Moses’ mother, Jochebed, “placed” her most precious baby, Moses, into the river to allow God to protect him. And how Miriam, his sister, diligently watched from the river’s edge until Moses was found, safe and sound. We talk how her biological mommy most likely did that too… and Brooke’s…watched them carefully until they were FOUND…and so in the end we decided being “abandoned” really is all about “being found”… for even when it appears that all is lost or dire or “really bad”…if we trust God…we will always FIND ourselves in His sovereign care. Erica liked that…and I thanked God for each of my children that God has “found” to “place” in my care.

A very local restaurant experience! 

The menu: Internal organs of the ox, anyone?? No?? 

Eating some jiaozi...dumplings!

Back to the hotel!

Thank you for your prayers. God has been so good to us!

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  1. I am SO blessed by this journey and to read your explanation of being "abandoned" and using Moses as an example is an answer to prayer. I have often wondered how I will explain to my little girl when the time comes what the situation most likely was, and this is a BEAUTIFUL way to explain it. Thank you!