Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshot:: Goggle Girl

A day in the life of Brooke Cai Wei. She is ready to take on the world.

This look right here? That says "Open-heart surgery....Bring. It. On."

Brooke Cai Wei is ready to whoop your tooshie. 

Oh. My. 

T-2 days till surgery. Keep the prayers a-comin' folks. :) 

Just because I needed a reason to post this photo...I'm linking up with Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot post...check it out for yourself!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. I LOVE HER! And this picture is CLASSIC!!!!!

    We are praying!!!!!!

  2. What a sweet girl. We will certainly add her to our prayer list.

  3. Praying for y'all! She looks like a cutie!!!!!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Marty's Musings. I hope you will make yourself at home. I don't write as much about RAD as in the past but it is an ever present reminder of difficult struggles. I pray you find healing in your journey.

  5. She is tooo cute! And she does look ready to whoop some tooshie ;)
    Happy Sunday, Meredith!

  6. What an adorable little girl! Love the attitude in this photo, good luck and prayers to her! My daughter has that same bathing suit and I just love how it looks in photographs and those goggles are the perfect accessory!

  7. i am andrea, mom of emma lael formerly (addison) at NDFH.
    we will be praying for brooke's open heart surgery tomorrow. praise God for all He has done for brooke and He will continue to take care of her.


  8. Great pic!

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany!

  9. Great Photo. Will be parying for you and your little angel!

  10. Ummm- yep- it's official. Your little girl is the most precious thing on the planet!!! And- she's gotta pretty rad tad name if I do say so myself!!! Praying for your little one!! xoxo!! Brooke :)