Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Almost GO TIME!!!

In 12 hours, we will be headed to the hospital with Brooke as she has her 2nd major open heart surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM. Her first surgery was done in China when she was 13 months old.

This surgery will take 6-10 hours and we are praying for a recovery time of 2 weeks in the hospital, though it could be 5-6!

Please join with us in prayer tomorrow and the weeks to come as Brooke goes through this difficult surgery and recovery!!!

We will try to post updates at least a couple times a day- thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They mean more than you know.

Right now, these are some specifics to be praying for!!

1. For doctors' skill and wisdom during the procedure to know exactly what Brooke needs and how to best repair her very complex heart. Her heart anatomy and position is anything but normal, so it will require extra "brain power" for the surgeon to best complete the procedure. 
2. For Brooke's recovery to be smooth with no complications of any kind!
3. Brooke does not have a spleen, so she is at a high risk for infection after surgery. Please pray first of all that she does not get ANY infection, and then that her body will be strong to fight off any potential infections that she could have. 
4. For peace for Brooke during this scary time- that she will be brave and her pain after surgery will be minimal! 
5. For peace, patience, and extra stamina for our family as we send Brooke off to have this surgery and during the weeks to come as we help our sweet girl through this hard surgery and recovery process. 

Thank you all!!! We couldn't do this without your support!!!


  1. God has always known that your precious Brooke would have her surgery on July 17, 2012, and His plans are always, always good. Remember what your mom wrote in your blog........

    "One phrase from a song that we sang keeps replaying in my soul: 'we walk by faith and not by sight'!!! When we walk with the Lord and learn to continually trust Him...we respond to His love and mercy with blind faith so that He becomes our vision."

    Know that I'm praying and will not stop! I love you all.


  2. Thinking of you all up here in north Dakota. Sending love, prayers, strength & hope for a successful outcome.

  3. We are praying for Brooke earnestly and fervently!!!!!!!!!