Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday:: Update from Baba (dad)!

Tuesday morning we began this journey and I recall a picture that early morning that really struck me Day 1. The picture reflects the anxious atmosphere of our hearts and minds...but the focus of the picture is Brooke. In her moment prior to leaving us for surgery, it’s as if she touches the anxious, sad face of Meredith and assures her that this will all be okay…it’s in God’s Hands now. Obviously Brooke was simply adoring her older sister but it brings me back to our verse in Jeremiah 29:11…”For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This week truly has been God protection one day at a time and our absolute peace in God’s plan.

“So….who am I talking to here now?”

While most of the week has been intense, we have enjoyed our moments of laughter, most of which occurs when a new professional walks in the room. Wanting to be politically correct and not offend, the professional surveys the participants in the room and notices Shyla and me and usually Allison or Meredith along our side. Even more perplexing to the new visitor are the few times Erica may be scuttling in the room. Perhaps they train for this initial visit in medical school in “Bedside Manners 101” but the initial conversation usually goes as follows…. “So….who am I speaking to here now….” hoping to eliminate the awkward moment of calling me grandpa, or even worse Shyla grandmother. Or, to Meredith or Allison’s dismay, of being the assumed adoptive mother. What about this other 6 year Asian girl scuttling in the room…to whom does she belong? We always enjoy this initial awkward moment!!

This morning began with a restful night until a plastic connector on Brooke’s arterial vein decided to fail and an intense few moments ensued trying to figure out exactly what was going on considering there seems to be a dozen such lines running along her little body. Once the nurse found the cause of the bleeding and pain, we then had the difficult task of masking and cleaning and replace the faulty connector while Shyla and I tried to restrain a strong and determined young girl.

Tired Mei and Brooke after an adventurous night with the arterial line! 
The highlight of the day, however, began at 7am as the surgeon team removed Brooke’s internal drain tubes, which is a milestone event in heart babies. The extended stays of heart surgery are often times linked to this drain process so we are SOOO grateful this stage of her recovery is complete. We then received the news we would be moving out of ICU and up to the 3rd floor…still a “clean room” environment but not the intensity of ICU.

What a special photo....3 days ago, this team of three incredible surgeons was assembled to fix her broken heart. Today, Dr. Nikaidoh is holding Brooke's hand in his hand telling her how he has prayed for her. We are so blessed to have a surgeon who gives glory to God in his work, and truly loves each and every one of his patients. 

He just loves our sweet girl so much- we are so thankful for the gift he has given us in Brooke's repaired heart!! God is so good!
Leaving the PICU! See ya later! We have loved our time here- all of our nurses have just been absolutely wonderful!
Brooke had several special visitors today, which was such a treat! Please continue to pray for her appetite to return, as she has not indulged in dining to her former ways and still slow in fluid intake. Also pray for continued rest for Brooke and family, and for a lack of infection during this time!!!! Most of all...please join us in praying for sweet Lily Rancourt, who had the same Fontan heart surgery that Brooke just had. Lily is such a brave little girl and is fighting her way through some complications- please pray specifically for her that her heart rhythms will steady and that her right lung will be "re-inflated" and resist any more collapse! Follow their journey here!! We can't wait to see both of our sweet heart girls home!!

Wonderful Donna, who brought us the most delicious chocolates when we needed them the most :)

Watching old videos with Allison!

Erica came to see Brooke! Her little pained smile.. :( Brooke did NOT want Erica to leave!!!

Grandma and Grandpa came too!!! 

Brooke even got some mail from Samford University...Meredith's school! How amazing!

Goodnight from our little corner of the hospital... Larry for all!

Oh...and PS...we got a SMILE today!!!

We are so, so blessed. 


  1. GREAT update Baba! :)
    Brooke we continue to pray for you and can't wait to see you home!!!!! We thank God for how HE has brought you thus far!!!! He is amazing and EVER faithful!!!!!
    Love the pic of Brooke's surgeon...what a sweet sweet man!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so many details, pictures, thoughts and emotions of your family's journey. I have to say, I'm falling in love with your Brooke as well! You all have done such a great job of letting us see into her personality! Praying that both Brooke and Lily have a quick recovery! May all the glory be to God, the Great Physician!!!!

  3. Praying for your entire sweet family during this time. Brooke is such a sweetie and our five kids are praying for your entire medical team and family. Many rich blessings to you all!

  4. Praying for your sweet Brooke! I am following your blog from my brother Lee's request. So amazed by your journey!