Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodbye....and HELLO!!!!! She is out of surgery!!!

8 hours ago, we waved goodbye to our littlest princess with tears in our eyes and pits in our stomachs as she said "No bye-bye...no bye-bye, mama".

8 hours later....here she comes!!!! God is so good, and our little Miss Brooke made it through surgery and we were able to come out in the hallway to catch a glimpse of her as they wheeled her from the OR to the PICU. 

Absolutely nothing can describe the overwhelming joy seeing the team of 10 surgeons and anesthesiologists come down the hallway...the same surgeons who held our daughter's heart in their hands just minutes before. God. Is. Good. All the time.

Please continue to pray with us as these next 48 hours are extremely critical- please especially pray that she will not get any sort of infection!!! We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and kind words- they have meant the world to us.


  1. What an amazing sight to see that huge team coming down the hall with such joy. And all for such a tiny little person...wow! You are so right, Merideth, God is GOOD! I'll continue to pray.

  2. YAY Brooke - prayers for your China doll! She is precious, and one of our Joy's playmates not long ago at New Day. Praying for a fast recovery, total healing and no infection.

  3. YAY!!! Rejoicing with you all! Praying for no infection and a very boring 48 hours!

  4. Woo Hoo!!
    What a precious little lamb you have!!

  5. YAY!!!! Praise the Lord!! This comes as SUCH an encouragement to me...I just had a melt-down in our kitchen about our boys' upcoming surgery. Praying HARD for good, fast recovery - no infection, everything to "work" just as it should!
    Many Blessings and thanks for the updates!
    CJ and Landon's mama, Nikki

  6. Rejoicing with you and continuing to pray for you. Trusting the One who holds your hearts in His BIG Hands.

  7. We love you Brooke!!!!! So so so thankful to God for all the many answered prayers...you are one special little girl!
    We will continue to pray for you all over the coming days of recovery!
    Alabama hugs to all of yall!!!!

  8. Praying for Brooke to be well and strong faster than anyone can even imagine. Praying for strength and courage for the family as you wait and watch.

  9. Praising God with you and holding her up to Him tonight!
    Mom to Samuel (adopted from ND Feb. 2011)

  10. Our friends, Art & Jen, here at FamilyLife posted this and lo, and behold, it's you! How wonderful to see you and the journey God continues to lead you through. May he bless you as we pray and you continue to trust in the God of the universe who loves us so! Hug each of your family for me!
    Charlotte (& Harold)

  11. Steve and Diane BrownJuly 18, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    Rejoicing with you and holding you up in prayer!

  12. Many, many prayers and much love to all of you and to precious Brooke. She continues to be an amazing miracle girl!