Sunday, April 1, 2012

We are READY for the Banquet!!

I have been SO amiss in writing this blog for Brooke…mostly because I am too tired in the evening to write and catch you all up in this amazing journey God has for our family. My last post says – “more tomorrow…”! Ha! I will just share my thoughts and prayers right NOW…right where God has me…isn’t that where He does the best transforming?

It is 2:24am…and I am up waiting for Victor to come home from his Jr/Sr Banquet…of course the banquet is just the beginning of the evening… they are finishing up one last round of bowling! (Don’t worry I slept on the couch from 11 – 1). Anyway…what does one do at this hour but pray…ah…answered prayer just now!!! Victor just texted and he is on his way home! Let’s see if I can get this done before he gets home!

I prayed not only for Victor and his Banquet and his behavior and his manners and his safety and good clean fun into the wee hours of the night…but my old mind and body wondered, as I rolled – yes, rolled off the couch, “would I be able to wait up sixteen years from now when Brooke is at HER Jr/Sr Banquet?” Then my heart went immediately chasing things only a mother’s heart does…would she get asked?…what would she wear?…how would I teach her to ‘wear” her “zipper” (her scar from open heart surgery)? And a swell in my heart said, “YES….YES…YES…it will all happen if the Lord wills and we rely on Him. And then the BIG question…would HER heart carry her to her Jr/Sr year? Oh my…oh… my…OK, that’s where we partner with God in prayer on that one. But, YES, we will try to live in the moment and will live in anticipation of The Banquet!!!! We will be ready! : ) Are you? (Check out Luke 14)

Brooke loves dressing up. They just had a fun dress up time at her foster home and some adorable pictures were taken…Meredith has included a couple for this post. In fact, Brooke would not take off the dress up clothes when play time was up! She’s ready for the banquet!!!

Our love for God is manifested in our love for others. I pray right now for that special Godly young man that is someday going to invite Brooke to her Jr/Sr Banquet and-- And I thank God now for the responsible young man Victor is becoming and God’s testimony of unconditional love in his life….and…ahhhh…

Victor is home…
And it is well with my soul. 3:01am

I wonder whose double chin that could be....?

PEEK-A-BOO Brooke! We see you! 

Brooke and her best buddy Levi- He and Brooke have similar heart conditions and are "zipper buddies!" The family that is blessed to be adopting Levi are some sweet friends of Meredith's- can't wait to see the two of them reunited in America very soon! 

What in the world would we do without Jeremy around to love on Brooke for us until we get there?!

OH sweet girl we love you so much!! You are BEAUTIFUL!

Oh my...that's a look like big sister Erica would give! Brooke has decided she is OVER this photo shoot!

Good thing her brother/best friend Levi is around to help her with her hat! How SWEET are they?!

And of course...our little diva refusing to take her pretty dress off when the photo shoot was over. What a little princess :) 


  1. Wonderful post! Brooke is just beautiful and I can't wait to see her in your families arms! (Not sure what Levi will do without her! ) We are praying for safe travels and an easy transition for Brooke! I look forward to getting our little ones together, too! I believe God has big plans for our two little heart patients!

  2. so cute!!! I was reading your blog with Harper on my lap and she said "Mommy I want her bonnet"! ha!