Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 1

I made it to China!! There was a little craziness with the flight, but it all went well! I landed in Beijing around midnight China time, and was at New Day by 2 AM. My wonderful friend Emily was at the airport with Yong Shi Fu...our driver...and I tried to beat the jet lag by getting to bed and staying busy all day long!! 

I got to see Brooke this morning!!!! As soon as I walked into the foster home backyard where she was playing, the a few of the nannies saw me and just started saying "OH!!!! Mei!! You are Cai Wei's big sister!!! You came back!!!"...and immediately grabbed my hand to bring me to see Brooke! She was playing in the sandbox and was absolutely PRECIOUS. The first few minutes she was really, really shy and her nanny, Shirley, kept trying to get her to give me kisses...and Cai Wei was having none of that :) After a little bit though, we were playing in the sandbox together and she let me walk her up to look at the flowers and she even gave me a beautiful flower for my hair. We bonded over some beautiful princess stickers....tomorrow I'll pull out the candy. :) I told her that her mom and dad were coming soon- Dad, she immediately started asking "Baba? Baba? Baba?" She's going to be a daddy's girl for SURE!! 

All the kiddos were SO precious- I immediately fell in love with one of the newer little girls...Rachel. She is absolutely precious. I just couldn't get enough of them! The rest of my day was spent going into the city about an hour away for one of the long term staff's birthday! It was lots of fun- ate at Chinese Papa Johns and did a little grocery shopping at the Chinese Sam's Club. It was a fun experience! 

I'm having trouble with my camera- its not plugging in or uploading pictures, so hopefully I will have some pics tomorrow! My internet is also pretty sketchy so sorry for the lack of updates! Mom and Dad....Brooke is about a 2T in size and is probably wearing size 5-6 shoes. She has the CHUBBIEST her nanny told me that they are very fat- the fattest in the whole foster home. HA. Love. It. 

Love to all!!! Good night from China! 



  1. SWEET! I love that yall bonded over princess stickers! How very fitting!

    Give everyone our love and we are praying for yall!

  2. So happy for you! I love Brooke's cheeks! Can't wait for pictures!

  3. YAY!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  4. We're all praying and can't wait to meet her! I have a darling picture of Erica on my phone that we took in her graduation cap and gown (since she'll be there during graduation.) I'll upload it to your facebook.