Monday, February 27, 2012

Brooke Bound- Part 1

Brooke Bound…

Thank you for joining us on our journey to Brooke…and WELCOME!!!!  I pray that our posts will testify to what God is accomplishing and how He is going to provide through our obedience to listen to His call.  I am NOT a “blogger” nor a “writer”…  but … I am a mom who has journeyed many paths and I am compelled to share the wondrous ways of the Lord’s provision.  I pray that these sorted words will be an encouragement and Lord willing, help change the life of another child.

For those who are “new” to our family let me give a brief introduction …

Larry and I have been married for 24 yrs, and have been blessed with 5 children and anticipating our 6th….Brooke.  So here is the “run down” on each:

Meredith:  21 yrs
A junior at Samford University in BirminghamAL studying Non-profit Management and Social Entrepreneurship. She spent last summer working in China at Brooke’s foster home (more on this later from Mei's perspective!!!) :)

Allison: 19 yrs 
A freshman at Huntington University just west of Ft. Wayne, IN studying Elementary Education and plays soccer.

Victor: soon to be 18 yrs (not the best timing for an adoption in process!!) 
Junior at Broken Arrow High School- Plays soccer and runs track

Cole: 15 yrs
an 8th grader at Legacy Christian Academy. Loves to fish and play with his little sister, Erica

Erica: 6 yrs
Kindergartener at Mingo Valley Christian School. Loves coloring, gymnastics, and basketball and life in general!

Brooke: 2 yrs 
Still in China at New Day Foster Home. Awaiting her “Forever Family"!!! Loves her nanny and preschool time and FOOD!

Well…that right there tells you all about Larry and I…we love on the kids and enjoy their activities and we are so thankful to God for each other!  Larry is a Captain and Check Airman for American Airlines and just recently graduated from Liberty University with a Masters in Religious studies.  I am a wife and mother who enjoys loving on my family.

So…now … we are Brooke bound.  We have traversed the home study and paper work nightmare and are on the home stretch!!!!  We have our Letter of Approval…God has been so faithful to honor our expedited request and we hope to travel in April or May!!!  We are so excited to bring Brooke home.  More tomorrow…it’s now 12:30am…  : )


  1. Congrats on your beautiful baby and hope to maybe even meet you in China with our little heart baby too! We are hoping to travel the end of April or beginning of May. BTW- I have one cousin at Liberty Law and two in their elem/high school program with one of them going to Liberty U next fall! :)
    -sweetgirls on RQ

  2. I am so excited to follow this journey the Lord has you all on. I will be praying and trusting His power to do what only He can do! I have so enjoyed getting to know Meredith over the last several weeks!
    Much love and many prayers~

  3. I have enjoyed following you and Meredith on your blogs. I hold you in prayer as you wait in anticipation of holding your new daughter in your arms in a few short weeks! What joy!

  4. It's so beautiful to take some steps along side you all in your journey to Brooke. Thank you for sharing. Still praying...