Monday, February 27, 2012


Our newest, Brooke Cai Wei Toering- joining the family in April or May 2012. We are THRILLED that she will be home so soon, and can't wait to squeeze her chubby little cheeks for ourselves!!!

She turned 2 last October, and is waiting for us at New Day Foster Home in China! We are SO thankful for the care that she is given at New Day- they have made all the difference in the world in her sweet little life.

We are so excited to be on this whirlwind of a journey, and can't wait to share our story to Brooke in the coming weeks and months.

And now for some pictures of our newest....(Caution...the rest of this post is extremely picture heavy!! Prepare yourself for the preciousness to follow) :)

Our "referral" picture of Brooke that absolutely grabbed our hearts!

Who is the cutie pie?! BROOKE is the cutie pie!!

Brooke and her best friend at New Day, sweet Angela, who is now living with her forever family in America!

One of the youngest pictures we have of Brooke (in the blue)! 

Can't wait to have our little nativity girl home for Christmas this year!!

Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!

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