Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just One Year.

 Has it really been a year? 

It doesn't seem possible. 

It doesn't seem possible that it's already been a year since our life as we knew it was completely turned upside down. 

It can't be possible how, only one year ago, this little picture, stumbled across so miraculously through a RainbowKids email, would change our lives forever. 

But it has been. A full year since we saw your face on that adoption file, little Cai Wei, and knew we were going to bring you home. 

An entire year since the day I called your mama and baba...OUR mama and baba, sobbing in the middle of the Samford food court, telling them that somehow YOU, my precious China baby that we had all fallen head over heels in love with...through my pictures, videos, and stories of the days and months we spent together in were paper-ready and waiting for a family. 

And you were ours. Forever. You had to be. 

The original pictures in your adoption file from China!

An entire year from the day your baba answered that phone call...and responded immediately with "What do we need to do to lock that file?"

Looking back a year ago,  I never could have imagined you would be home with your forever family. God works in wonderful, incredible ways...and the way He brought you to our family was nothing short of miraculous. 

In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would have the chance to introduce you to your forever mama and baba...your forever family... just 7 months to the day we were accepted at our adoption agency and were able to begin the paperwork process to bring you home. A mere 7 months. Miraculous. 

"Cai Wei, meet your mama" 

And best of all? A year ago, I never could have guessed that you would be running around with your beautiful new "brave scar" and your beautiful newly-repaired heart beating strong in your chest.

A year ago, when we thought about the year to come, bringing home a precious little girl from China was nowhere on the horizon...until God placed you directly in our laps. I'm so glad His plans are so much sweeter than we could ever dream. 

Thank you, sweet Cai Wei, for turning the Toering household completely upside-down. You have been home with us for 4 months now, and you have brought sparkle and joy into our hearts and we will never, ever be the same. You are so very loved. 

(The full story behind how we miraculously found Brooke's file is here...God is so good.) 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Makes me cry!
    God is so good!!!!