Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Update!

We have been blown away by how quickly time is going by- Brooke seems like she has been home with us forever and is becoming more and more fun every day. The most special part has been watching her and Erica's relationship develop- they are truly becoming best friends and do almost EVERYTHING together. Erica has taught Brooke the art of secret-telling, and last night at dinner, the littles spent the entire evening whispering made-up words in each others ears and giggling uncontrollably.

Meredith with the littles!
Erica and Brooke on Brooke's first merry-go-round ride! Please note Brooke's tiara headband- quite the princess, already!

She was too excited :)
We are gearing up to make a quick 2-day beach trip to South Padre Island! Brooke LOVES the pool and being outside, so we hope that she will love the beach as well! We are excited for a little getaway, and of course, for some fun soaking up the sun down at SPI! Larry's family will all be down there, so Brooke will have a few days with her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins!

Coley is so sweet to read books to Brooke when she wakes up in the morning!

Allison...teaching Brooke how to make all kinds of faces.

Brooke doing the "duck lips" shot already- oh my. 

She's got a lot of cheek to chub :) 
We had a VERY special treat this week....Karen, the director of New Day Foster Home, was in town! This is the foster home where Brooke lived for almost 2 years, and where Meredith worked last summer! Karen's daughters happen to live in Tulsa, and her daughter was getting married! We had the chance to have them over for dessert and just get together to talk for a little while. It was so special to get see her, while also a little bit strange to be over on this side of the world together!!

What a wonderful lady!!

Please keep Brooke in your prayers- Thursday morning at 9 AM she is going in for her heart cath. This will determine when she will be able to have surgery, which we are praying is SOONER rather than LATER!!! Please pray that she remains healthy until Thursday so she will be able to have the cath done, as well as for a successful procedure! The cath is to test the pressures in her lungs to determine the safety of her being able to have surgery. We are praying for LOW levels of pressure! Thank you all for your prayers and support!
A morning of chalk- what could be better?

Only Erica sits in the complete splits to draw with chalk...
Brooke is so beautiful- she is such a blessing to our family!!! 


  1. I love her! We are praying!!!!

    (so good to see Karen's sweet smiling face!!!)

  2. Such wonderful pictures...Brooke looks like she has been part of your family forever! Precious. We are envious of your visit from Karen...what a wonderful blessing! We will be praying for low pressures for Brooke and her heart cath.